Friday, January 17, 2014

Ho, Ho, Zero

Ho, Ho, Zero

Sir Santa tried to stuff the bag with an annual gift or two, but was late. The gifts are also a bit slim this year.

Of note, CD0, pronounced "see dee zero". This is a rootstrapping tool for NORD Linux. The slim part is that the instructions are missing. But the purpose of the thing is to supply a shell and minimal environment. When combined with GCC and BINUTILS (from CD2), the scripts at, and a helping hand from Perl (from CD1), you can "rootstrap" a fresh system.

This rootstrapping thing (using the current CD0) has been tested on S390 and I386. The CD image also contains support for PPC, which is expected to work just fine, but is untested.

The other gift in the bag is a minor update to UFT making it leak less info in secure contexts. Seems to work just fine, but we'll have to talk about that in another post.

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