Thursday, November 6, 2014

FuzixOS: Because Small Is Beautiful

FuzixOS: Because Small Is Beautiful

Linux kernel developer Alan Cox has come up with an excellent new toy. In recent months, he has reported working with several older hardware platforms ... just for fun. And now, he has published FuzixOS on Github.

In the open source world, I've been noticing a loss of simplicity lately. Fuzix is one alternative to the bloat. It's a collection of features from UZI and various Unix for 8-bit systems. Yes, in terms of anti-bloat, this is extreme. But it's cool!

Can't help but think about NORD in this context. The prime motivator for NORD is the need for simplicity. If Fuzix gets a little more robust, maybe some of the FOSS packages in NORD can be tried on Fuzix. ("Portable Apps" will require sym-links, but the CSCRATCH parts will likely work straight away.) It might even be possible to use the Fuzix kernel for a "real" NORD build.

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